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Spreadex Versus CMC Markets – Polar opposites

These two spread betting brokers are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.  Read out Spreadex Versus CMC Markets summary to find out who is best for you.

How long have they been around?

Both CMC and Spreadex are part of the original band of spread betting brokers.   Spreadex was founded in 1999 and CMC in 1989.

How tight are their spreads?

CMC offers tighter spreads than Spreadex no question.   CMC is an online broker and has always invested heavily in their technology.   Spreadex is a little old school and is still happy to do business over the phone which obviously costs a little more.

Trading platform choice

As with spreads because CMC focus on online business they have a better trading platform. Spreadex don’t compete on price but they do on service, phone brokerage and sniffing out prices on obscure markets.

New client offers and bonuses.


Nothing from CMC markets, although if you join their marketing list or sign up but don’t fund your account you’ll usually be offered some sort of cash incentive to sign up with them.

Spreadex is great for new client offers through.  No chavvy top up bonsues, just a nice techie rewards to doing some business.  Put enough trades or sports spread betting bet though and you’ll get something cool like an Apple watch or Sonos.  How jolly!?!

How broad is the market range?

Spreadex has a pretty narrow offering online but if there is something you want to trade give them a call.   CMC on the other hand focuses on the majors but has a huge range of markets freely available to trade online instantly.

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