How do London Capital Group’s earnings measure up in the industry?

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By assessing the performance record of London Capital Group, we can reflect on whether or not the company has lived up to expectations. This analysis is based on the spread betting brokers’ recent performance announcement, and will evaluate the figures to speculate about long-term trends and industry movements, as well as indicating future performance.

How did LCGH perform?

Based on the latest annual report containing data for the last 12 months, London Capital Group’s annual earnings totalled -£6.1 million. In comparison to the figure for the previous year, this is an improvement. These values only show a short-term trend, but Simply  calculates an annual net income value for five years from now of -£4.7 million. This implies that the historical performance of London Capital Group was superior to what we’re seeing today, despite the fact that earnings appear to be heading back in the right direction now.

In context, revenue growth in the market over the past two years has been -10.9% – the key to profiting in this environment is to ensure good management of the company’s cost growth. At a sector level, the capital markets industry in the UK has show growth in its average earnings by 21.16% over the past year and 13.04% over the past five. This suggests that, although LCGH is running a loss at this point, industry tailwinds may have been helpful in sending earnings in the right direction.

Past data is useful, but it doesn’t really tell the full story. When companies incur a net loss, it’s difficult to envisage how things will go in the future, and at what rate. It is most useful to analyse company-specific issues that LCGH may have going on, and whether the guidance for management has generally been met in past years.

If CFD broker London Capital Group is a company you’re considering getting involved with, it is recommended that you take a look at their financial health, as well as researching some of the country’s competitors to see how they are performing, before you make any decisions.

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