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As one of the big financial spread betting brokers, IG are respected for their transparency and high levels of customer service. Operating for 40 years, they are arguably one of the world’s biggest financial spread betting brokers with around 185,000 registered users.

As part of their ongoing commitment to customers, they have signed up to the FX Global Code of Conduct regulations recently.

What is the FX global code of conduct regulation?

The code of conduct that IG has signed up to is a push from the FX and spread betting industry to make the whole marketplace fairer and more open. With the constant attention around the way the financial markets in this area can be manipulated, this code of conduct is an effort to eliminate that risk for good.

It gives members clear guidelines

As a fully signed-up member, IG will be given a list of behavioural codes that it must adhere to. Naturally, this is great news for anybody already in the industry or thinking of investing as it gives full peace of mind that all companies like IG who have agreed to the code of conduct will follow these rules.

Any financial spread betting company will already be fully regulated by an official body (which is the FCA in IG’s case) but this will give the brokers an extra layer of accountability for its customers. By taking steps to create a more transparent marketplace for all, the code of conduct will allow financial spread betting companies like IG to make the industry fairer.

IG highlights its commitment to customers

By signing up to the global code of conduct, IG has clearly signalled its intentions to investors. Not only has it agreed to the code of conduct, but CEO Peter Hetherington also announced it had gone beyond what was expected also. He commented that IG are always trying to do what is right as well as what is legally required for the benefit of their many investors. By signing up to this commonly agreed set of good practice guidelines, IG have certainly shown that they are a company to be trusted and that values their customers greatly.

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