Alternatives to Autochartist and Trading Central

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If you’ve had a spread betting account over the last few years you will no doubt have had access at some point to either Autochartist or Trading Central.

Both technical analysis platforms look at the market and atomically produce trading signals from their algorithms.  These trading signals are then displayed and in some cases and analyst will expand on the opportunity.

But are there any alternatives as brokers move away from providing advice or even anything that can be construed and implied advice?

Investors Intelligence, has provided data, signals and analysis to some of the largest brokers in the past including, IG, Capital Spreads, Selftrade (now Equiniti), Barclays, TD Waterhouse and ADM to name a few.

The content, model portfolios and trading ideas are published on their platform and can be subscribed to via an annual subscription or by opening a trading account.

The technical analysis is based on end of day pricing and looks for short to medium term trends in the market. Their longest indicator has been running since 1963 and measures professional sentiment (not social media) to show when the market is over bought or oversold, allowing clients to trade or hedge appropriately.

See the latest from Investors Intelligence here:

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Best for traders with large accounts. A solid all rounder with institutional pedigree. Best for traders with large accounts. A solid all rounder with institutional pedigree. Best for experienced traders with large range of markets and tight spreads and cryptocurrencies
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