Best accounts for index (DAX, FTSE, DOW, S&P) trading

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Spread betting on the major indices is risky.  But with great risk comes great reward.

Second only to spread betting on FX, indices offer good liquidity, a decent intra-day range and pretty much 24 hour news flow.

The constant release of economic figures and leading indicators from overseas markets make them one of the most popular asset classes to trade worldwide.

The major indices are:

The German DAX

This tracks the top 30 public companies in the Germany, has big tick size of EUR25 per point in the futures market and is the first market to open in Europe.  This makes it a good indicator for the FTSE, and follows on from the US indices.


The FTSE covers the top 100 companies in the UK and is generally regarded as the benchmark for the UK economy.  It’s a good index, for jobbing in and out of all day.

DOW and S&P

The DOW is based on the top 30 industrial stocks in the US whilst the S&P focuses on around 500 of the biggest public companies.  The S&P is one of the most heavily traded assets worldwide.

The best brokers for DAX, FTSE and DOW/S&P

Generally the best spread bet brokers will be the ones that offer the tightest spreads.  You need tight spreads with index spread betting as traders like to take quick profits on short-term intra-day positions.

But it’s not just about tight spreads and welcome offers, you also need a good balance sheet, added value, good charts, data and analysis to help make informed decisions.

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Here are some brokers and a quick summary of why they are good for index trading:

Core Spreads – 0.8 point spreads – just really tight spreads

ETX Capital – 1 point spreads – good all round broker

Investors Intelligence Spread Betting – 1 point spreads – good data, signals and analysis

Spreadex – 2 point spreads – slightly wider, but excellent phone brokerage support

IG – 1 point spreads – the biggest with good client sentiment driven data

Plus 500 – 0.88 point spreads –  just CFDs but you get £20 in your account when you sign up to test them out. CFDs are leveraged products and can result in the loss of your capital’

Featured Spread Betting Brokers

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