The top five spread betting firms (and what they are good at).

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All brokers are not equal.  Some are just better at some things than others.

Here’s a quick run down of the key strengths of the top five established spread betting brokers and what makes them stand out.

Best for tight spreads: ETX Capital are getting better and bigger everyday.  They offer some really tight spreads on FX, Index and Equities, even all the way down to AIM stocks.    Apply for an account here

Best for customer service: Spreadex is one of those brokers that people like doing business with.  They don’t offer the tightest spreads or even the widest range of markets. But, they do offer a slightly more personal service.  It’s their small brokerage attitude that makes them worth trading through.

Best for research and tools: Investors Intelligence Spread Betting gives access to the entire suite of research, analysis, data, model portfolios and sentiment indicators.  Investors Intelligence have been providing research services to professional traders and institutions since 1947.  Their services are available to clients though trading accounts, corporate solutions or subscription.

Best for beginners:  Core Spreads are a new broker that focus on a simple trading platform with tight pricing. If you are new to spread betting always make sure you get lots of information from third parties before trading and keep it as simple as possible.

For more information and a list of all the spread betting companies in the UK please view our spread betting company comparison table.

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