Technical analysis verses fundamental analysis in spread betting

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Technical analysis and fundamental analysis are both useful tools in trading and investing.  The general consensus is that fundamental analysis is more useful for longer term investments.  Technical analysis is better for short term trading and speculation.  Mainly because it looks at market timing and provides a good visual aid for traders to compare to historic events.

Which is better – technical or fundamental?

You will never win an argument as to what is better as they are both for different things and really down to personal preference.

One thing is for sure is that they compliment each other.  No investor or trader will enter into a position without at least considering both forms of analysis.  They may not pay much attention to the one the favour less but it will still be considered.

Where to get the analysis

Once you are logged into your spread betting brokers trading platform many have agreements with the major technical and fundamental research providers to give access to their clients.

The best and cheapest way to access the analysis is through your spread betting brokerage account.  Our favourite spread betting brokers have at least two or three different tools based on fundamental and technical analysis.

Investors Intelligence Spread Betting gives access to their technical analysis platform.  They have been around since 1947 and are considered global leaders in the field of market timing and technical analysis.

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