ADS Securities London launches new UK platform and spread betting

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UK Forex and CFD broker ADS Securities London, a subsidiary of ADS Holding, has announced a shift towards its trading platform OREX SB, moving extended spread betting administrations to its UK retail customers. The overview of the new platform, which includes mobile and desktop applications, features quick exchange utility and better execution speed.

On the surface, this development is off to a great start. As expected from any established spread betting brokers, the new UK component is very easy to use and offers users access to a wide range of industries. According to company spokespeople, the shift is driven by an emphasis on greater customer service.

Jason Hughes, Global Sales Director of retail at ADS, said: “Sending this update demonstrates our continued sense of duty concerning investing in innovation and change when other companies are cutting back on advocacy work or settling down to use mass market agreements. Our ethos as a business is to wait continually improving the bargaining fund and the methods we pass on to our customers, which means investing in our frameworks, managing randomness and we are always developing elements that brokers are looking for”.

ADS seems to have hit rocky waters as of late, losing several senior executives over the course of a year. London CEO James Watson, and Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage relationship expert Louisa Kwok, have both left the company since September last year. Most recently, renown prime brokerage expert Marco Baggioli has left ADS Securities London, starting his tenure at the firm’s international headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Baggioli is widely considered to be an expert on interbank and institutional electronic trading.

To a certain extent, spread betting is in ADS’ area of expertise, sharing certain facets with binary trading. A given customer will bet on the outcome of an event. However, the actual outcome varies according to the accuracy of projections, rather than a simple win-or-lose decision. This is more or less universal in Britain. Spread betting on various financial instruments is also offered across the UK by major Forex brokers, such as Fx Pro and IG.

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