Don’t you just hate it when brokers launch new trading platforms.

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So IG, in their infinite wisdom have decided to do away with their excellent platform and replace it with something which can only be described as a blank page of w**k.

I know brokers must move with the times and the new front end is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m sure that underneath the bonnet there is a new Tesla’esque infrastructure that reduces latency and increases execution efficiency.

But I can’t help feel as though they have moved away from the institutional and semi-professional trader they are trying to appeal to and instead cater for the more mass market punter.

Here is the new IG trading platform compared to the old one. What do you think?


Here are the features the new IG trading platform claims…

Faster dealing
It takes fewer clicks than ever to open, close and edit positions. Quite simply, it’s our fastest spread betting experience ever.

Better charts
Split one chart up to four times for more in-depth analysis, enhanced by our quickest and most reliable technology yet.

Greater deal control
Place a trade once and we’ll remember your size, stops and limits next time you deal on the same market.

Cutting-edge news integration
React instantly to market news, with the world’s top stories sent to your platform the moment they break.

More flexible layout
Tailor the new platform to the way you like to deal, day-to-day or around specific events, with our most customisable workspaces yet.

And introducing a range of exciting new features, including:

Orders to part close
You can now set an order to part close an existing position, reducing your exposure or realising profits in moving markets.

Top stocks
Sort shares by country or index, and let us sort them for you based on their popularity – making the day’s talking points easier than ever to find.

Price change alerts
Set an alert to let you know when a market moves by your chosen amount. And there’s no need to keep resetting it every time it’s triggered.

Integrated Twitter feed
View real-time tweets from selected news outlets, giving you an insight into market-moving events as they happen.


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